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Steve Jeffrey

Chris Gash

NeeNee LJ

Richard Swinford

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2016 Picture Gallery

Chris Gash (Run and MTB stages)

Jess Gould Part 1 (Registration to Kayak)

Jess Gould Part 2 (Kayak to 2nd transition)

Adrian Moir (Prize giving)

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Early account analysis indicates that we should be able to make an £800 contribution to the Snowdonia Society.

The view from first timer Lance!

2015 Picture Gallery

Chris Gash -

Dan Wyre -

Nikki Wallis -

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Race Report 2013 (1MB PDF)

"On behalf of the BQA (British Quadrathlon Association) I would like to say a huge thank-you to you and your Team, all the marshals and helpers who helped make the Fabian4 a great success. I have heard it was an excellent course, very well organised, with so many friendly marshals who all enjoyed being part of your event ....Thanks again for organizing a great race, and I'm hoping you'll want to be part of our BQA Series again next year!"

To the newcomers of a BQA Race, we hope you enjoyed the Triathlon, we would love to see you all again. We have a website if you wish to find out more about our BQA races, and we also run a National Trophy Series in which the Fabian4 is part off.  So you now all have National Trophy Points!  If you visit the website you can also sign up to our BQA Newsletter which is sent to you automatically on 18th of each month, this will keep you informed of races, and quad news.
Jean Ashley – British Quadrathlon Association

Pictures from SportpicturesCymru (there are some Kayak shots on page 7 of the Run section too).

Pictures from Chris Gash

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2012 Gallery and Reports

"Just a quick note to say what a fantastic and well organised race.  It was a very hard race in fairly harsh weather, but that made it more enjoyable.  It was great to see that the race was not cancelled because of the weather.  It was well planned and organised by a team of professional volunteers that knew their stuff.  Well done to all."
Mark Pryor – Competitor and Chairman of the British Quadrathlon Association

Pictures from Alastair Tye

Race Report (1.7MB PDF updated 11/10/12 09:00)

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