The Mountain Bike Course

This stage is an 18 km mountain bike course which starts and finishes at the event centre. After the runners enter the transition centre the cyclists will go out south along the B5106 for about 1.5kms, before turning right and climbing to the start of the off-road section at the car park of the Marin Mountain Bike Trail. The route then follows a combination of forest roads and single track in a large circular route before returning to a short road section and the final off-road descent back to the finish at the event centre. The route will share sections of single track with parts of the Marin Trail, so competitors are expected to be considerate of other users that may be on the Marin Trail.

The fastest cyclists take about 1:00, with the slower cyclists taking about 2:00.

All competitors must have a suitably robust and roadworthy bike that is capable of safely & efficiently completing the course. Bikes must, as a minimum, be mechanically sound, have efficient brakes and appropriate tyres. Cyclo-cross bikes are not recommended due to the technical nature of the route, but are allowed. All bar ends must be plugged.


The route will be marked and marshalled. A waterproof map will be provided

All competitors MUST wear gloves and an approved cycling helmet, which has to be fastened before leaving the transition area, and carry a repair kit (eg inner tube & pump). Cyclists must not mount their bikes until they have left the transition area. If the weather is bad the organisers may insist on a windproof jacket being carried, so BE PREPARED .

Part of the route will be on public roads. Please take special care and follow good road sense.

Please ensure you take the map we provide, in case signs have been stolen or moved, or marshals are absent. The route will be marked the day before.

Competitors who retire MUST report to a marshall. Do not just go home!!